2021 Conference Sponsor Logistics

Thank you for sponsoring the oSTEM 2021 Virtual Annual Conference! This page contains the latest information regarding conference planning and sponsor participation. Please be sure to revisit this page to receive the the most up-to-date information.

Table of Contents

Key Deadlines and Milestones

Sponsor Key Deadlines and Milestones

Passed deadlines removed. 
DateDeadlines and MilestonesLink
October 1, 2021Deadline for logo submission
October 1, 2021Deadline for Program Advertisements (OAC only). Send to sponsorship@ostem.org
October 1, 2021Deadline for Sponsored 1-Hour Workshop detail submission
October 1, 2021Deadline for Assets for Hospitality Suite (Premium Sponsors only)
October 1, 2021Full sponsorship payment due
October 1, 2021Deadline to sign up for Poster Judging Volunteerhttps://form.jotform.com/212157738482158
October 4, 2021oSTEM Career Center openshttps://careers.ostem.org/
October 4, 2021Brazen open for attendees to view Booths and for representatives to reach out to attendees
October 15, 2021Awards applications closeshttps://ostem.org/page/conference-awards
October 15, 2021Conference registration closes
October 20, 2021Deadline for Booth Completion in Brazen - for copy & paste into Day 2Connect with your booth owner
October 27, 2021Deadline for Booth Rep assignment in BrazenConnect with your booth owner
October 28, 2021First conference program begins (Sponsor Workshops and Career Expo)
October 28, 2021 - October 31, 2021Virtual Career & Graduate Expo
October 31, 2021Last day of oSTEM Conference

oSTEM Deliverables Deadlines

DateDeadlines and Milestones
October 11, 2021Resume Book sent to Enhanced and Premium Sponsors (Round 1)
October 11, 2021Non-sponsor Attendee Contact information sent to Premium Sponsors (Round 1)
October 26, 2021Resume Book sent to Enhanced and Premium Sponsors (Round 2)
October 26, 2021Non-sponsor Attendee Contact information sent to Premium Sponsors (Round 2)
November 1, 2021Resume Book sent to Enhanced and Premium Sponsor (Final Round)
November 1, 2021Non-sponsor Attendee Contact information sent to Premium Sponsors (Final)

Conference Schedule and Programming Highlights

Here's where you can find the latest high-level conference schedule.

Attendee Types

  • Full-Conference Student Attendees - People who are currently full-time or part time students.

  • Full-Conference Professional Attendees - These attendees may and are encouraged to attend any part of the conference.

  • Full-Conference Sponsor Attendees - These attendees are attending the conference not as oSTEM members, but as oSTEM sponsors.

  • Career Expo only Attendees - These attendees do not need to register via the conference Bizzabo Portal - Only need to register to Brazen. They will receive an email invite from Brazen after the sponsor Booth Owner adds them as Booth Rep in Brazen.

Pre-Conference Oppertunities:

Sponsoring organizations are encouraged to participate in all parts of our conference, even those that happen prior to our event. Specifically, we encourage our sponsoring organizations to participate in the following parts of the program:

  • Career and Graduate School Bootcamp - Thursday, October 14, 3:00PM-4:00PM PT - Join this 1-hour workshop on how to prepare for the upcoming virtual Career and Graduate Expo during the oSTEM 11th Annual (Virtual) Conference! Learn about how to best research the exhibitors in our database and how to navigate the career fair portal Brazen, and ask your resume/elevator/interview questions directly to recruiters! Follow the event at https://www.linkedin.com/events/2021annualconference-careerboot6849847770963148800/

  • New to the Conference Session - October 18th at 7:00PM EST - This session is especially helpful for those attendees who have never been to an oSTEM Conference before and want to learn the lay of the land. Conducted by members of the oSTEM Conference Committee, we’ll share ways to navigate the schedule and get the most out of your attendee experience. This session will be recorded if you are unable to attend. Event registration link TBD.

Programming Highlights

Sponsoring organizations are encouraged to participate in all parts of our conference, taking note of the participation limits set by the attendee type above. Specifically, we encourage our sponsoring organizations to participate in the following parts of the program:

Career and Graduate School Expo

Think pipe and drape booths, lines of eager attendees, and reviewing resumes / CVs to find your ideal candidates. Don’t be surprised if you see raffle drawings, on-site job/internship offers, iPads collecting contact information, and all the other trappings of your typical career fair. All sponsors with a booth will have the same booth for both Day 1 and Day 2 of the expo.

  • Day 1 - Thursday, October 28, 3:00-7:00 ET (4 hours)

  • Day 2 - Friday, October 29, 5:30-7:30 ET (2 hours)

Poster and Hackathon Judging Session - Friday, November 13, 12-3:30 PM PST

We need folks who are willing to learn more about the amazing research or hackathon project from this year's attendees. No prior experience is required. If you’re interested in being a poster or hackathon judge, please fill out the form linked at the button below.

Programming Changes from 2020

We have expanded our programming session to include 10-minute lightning talks. These fast-paced session will allow our members to talk about a topic that they are passionate about that may range from quick tips for learning a new coding language to understanding the basics of a niche field. This is a great opportunity to learn about what our members are passionate about and how they intersect with LGBT + STEM identities.

Sponsored Workshops

50-minute Sponsored Workshop Submission

50-min Sponsored Workshop is an a la carte sponsor benefit for the conference. This workshop which will be hosted on webex and listed on Bizzabo. These sessions will be hosted on Thursday, Oct 28, 1:00-3:00 PM ET.

These workshops can either be pre-recorded or delivered live.

Please submit what you'd like to present no later than October 1st. Note, if you'd like to use a workshop that was previously submitted in the general Request for Programming, please let us know by emailing sponsorship@ostem.org

What should you submit?

While you’re welcome to submit an info session type program, we encourage you to present a program that really sparks participants’ interest, has a catchy program description, and shares more about the awesome innovation along STEM or LGBTQIA advocacy and inclusion. Filling in the gaps in our selected programming is a great way to accomplish that!

Are you stuck and don't know what to present?

We want you to be successful and we’re here to help! If you’re really stuck and you want some suggestions on your program, email sponsorship@ostem.org and we’ll work through some ideas with you. Just remember to reach out soon so that we can still submit your content by the October 1 deadline.

Organization Logo Requirements

Please submit your organization logo to sponsorship@ostem.org no later than October 16. Logos submitted after this deadline or in the wrong format will not be accepted and may result in an incorrect or missing logo.

Logo format

  • Vector Graphic Preferred (EPS, AI, or SVG)

  • 300 dpi or greater PNG or JPEG accepted (not acceptable for OAC Members or Meal Sponsors)

Logo Usage

Your logo will appear in various mediums based on your sponsorship level.

OAC MemberPremiumEnhanchedStandard
oSTEM Websitex
Program Bookx
Virtual Expo Placementxxx
Conference Materialsxxx
Sponsor Boardsxxxx

Program Advertisement Requirements

If your sponsorship level includes a conference program advertisement in the Program Book, please submit your advertisement to sponsorship@ostem.org no later than October 1. Advertisements submitted after this deadline, in the wrong format, or of incorrect size will result in a loss of this benefit. Please note that the program will be available in a pdf format but will not be delivered to attendees in a printed book.

  • OAC Member: Full Page (8.5" x 11")

Ad format

  • Sizes as stated above

  • Vector graphic preferred (EPS, AI, or PDF)

  • 300 dpi or greater PNG or JPEG accepted

  • Include margin and bleed on the advertisement, but please NO trim or printer marks

  • Fonts must be embedded

  • CMYK colorspace preferred; we cannot guarantee correct colors for non-CMYK formats

Note: oSTEM may slightly reduce the size of your graphic (while keeping proportions) to accommodate margins, gutters, and small spacing between sponsor advertisements.

Virtual Platforms

  • Bizzabo - Core Conference and Sessions Coordination Platform

  • Brazen - Career Fair Expo Platform

  • Cisco Webex - Video Conferencing Platform

  • Gather - Community Spaces and Poster Session

Career Fair via Brazen

Booth Owner Resources:

When you are added as a Booth Owner, you'll be notified via email with instructions showing how you can edit your booth. At that point, the booth owner will be able to go in and begin the process of setting up their booths and adding the representatives they would like to add for their organization. The following resources will help your booth owner navigate booth creation and setup within the Brazen platform. We recommend starting off reviewing the booth editing link to get an overview of the booth creation process.

These additional resources will provide guidance on how to add opportunities and representatives to your booth:

For more information on how to edit and manage booths as an exhibitor please see the linked article, or sign up for one of Brazen’s weekly training sessions below:

Representative Resources:

The following resources will help your event representatives navigate the Brazen platform. We recommend starting off watching the representative training video which provides a high-level overview of what to expect during the event.

After watching the video - here are some additional resources for various functionalities within Brazen:

In addition to the resources above, Brazen also hosts weekly training sessions for representatives who will be staffing booths during the event. For [more information on how to attend an event as a representative], please read the linked article or register for one of Brazen’s weekly training sessions below:

Contact Information, Resumes/CVs

This information will be sent out to the relevant sponsorship level members via encrypted email.

oSTEM Career Center

The NEW oSTEM Career Center is now launched! You can now post jobs and collect applications with our new job portal, which is hosted by YM Careers, the same platform used by NSBE, SHPE, SWE and many more. If you already have an account on those job portals, then your employer account will automatically appear on ours! And as conference sponsors, you will also recieve discounts per your level. Go to careers.ostem.org to set up an employer and start recruiting!

Conference Sponsor Discounts - Email sponsorship@ostem.org to obtain your discount code.

  • Premium Sponsors: 15% off all products until Jan 1, 2022
  • Enhanced Sponsors: 10% off all products until Jan 1, 2022
  • Standard Sponsors: 5% off all products until Jan 1, 2022

Awards Information

We encourage all sponsors to submit nominations for oSTEM awards so that we can recognize you for your commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusion in STEM. Self-nominations are accepted and encouraged. You can submit nominations until October 15 for any of these sponsor-specific awards: