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Awards - Partner Excellence

oSTEM Partner Excellence Award

Award Description

This award is presented to an individual representative of a current sponsoring organization, community partner, or grant provider of oSTEM that has demonstrated a strong dedication to oSTEM, LGBTQ+ people in STEM, and STEM education. They are an outstanding role model for the future of our community. They are accomplished in their academic or professional lives and they regularly advocate for the full inclusion of people of all marginalized identities. They are committed to and continually strive to understand the most effective methods for reaching equality for all people.


  • Must be an employee or member of a current sponsoring organization of oSTEM
  • Must be attending the oSTEM Annual Conference

Self-nominations are accepted and encouraged. If you have any questions regarding this application, please contact us at sponsorship@ostem.org.

To make a nomination, please head to the main Awards page for nomination forms.

Previous Awardees

Profile picture of Casady Wyckoff

Casady Wyckoff - The Boeing Company


Profile picture of Stuart Duncan

Stuart Duncan - University of Connecticut


Profile picture of Beau Williams

Beau Williams - Boeing Sr Manager


Profile picture of Lianna Newman

Lianna Newman - ConsenSys


Profile picture of Steve Riley

Steve Riley - NASA


Profile picture of Wolfgang Sigmund

Wolfgang Sigmund - University of Florida


Profile picture of Gib Murray

Gib Murray - Raytheon